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Winter Green Soup

  Let's confess that healthy eating is not something we have been able to practice during the festive season. Personally speaking, it's been a downslide for me since November. With all the sweets and the rich food indulgences, no wonder my favourite pants now hug me tighter! So I've decided to take matters into my hands. I'm bringing myself back to clean healthy eating and with the abundance of fresh produce available, it's not a very difficult task. The weather makes me crave a hearty and warming bowl of soup and this green soup is not just delicious but a fabulous immunity-boosting dish too. Packed with nutrients and goodness of peas, broccoli, and spinach, and the best part, it is really easy to make! It is so nourishing that it almost feels like a power smoothie. Perfect for the winter season to fight off cases of flu and cold too. Sharing below the recipe for this super delicious, immune-boosting, winter green soup . If you try this recipe please don't for

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