Sichuan Garlic Chilli Oil


                                                       Sichuan Garlic Chilli Oil

It was only last year, that I actually tasted fresh Sichuan Pepper and gosh its was an experience. I had never quite tasted anything like this before. Don't be fooled by their beautiful innocent look, in varied hues of pretty pink. I bit into one and sent the lady selling them into peels of laughter while every cell in my mouth went from first tingling at light speed to then going NUMB. No wonder they call Sichuan peppers numbing peppers too! Yet, I love these peppercorns for their amazing floral aroma and the flavour they impart when mixed with other chilies, despite that scary experience. 

This Sichuan Garlic Chilli Oil is wonderfully fragrant chilli oil that will spice up your everyday meals. And the best part it takes less than 10 mins to make this glorious oil, made with only a few simple ingredients available in every kitchen. Just a teaspoon is enough to add the zing and kick to any dish and I promise you, that  you  will soon be sneaking it into your veggies, meats  and of course, for your noodles and for dipping your dumplings into.

 It is such an easy recipe and there are no hard and fast rules with the method or ingredients. You add any aromatics of your choice like cinnamon, bay leaf, or star anise etc. I have, however, just used the Sichuan peppercorns to infuse the oil. The garlic adds a wonderful kick and the sesame seeds a crunchy texture. Its a beautiful melange of texture, flavour and a enticing red happy colour.

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