Persimmon Bread

The other day, our fruit vendor had a box of Golden Persimmons when I went on my regular fruit shopping sojourn and I had to absolutely buy them. I had never tasted this beautiful fruit/ berry!!! I had only seen pictures and read about them and when they sat innocently looking at me, I had to get them. They were firm so I had to let them sit for a couple of days before I could eat them. 

How do I describe the taste? The texture of the fruit is silky, almost like ripe mango, its sweet and rich and delightfully delicious, it reminded me of apricot. besides the fruit is full of nutrients and low in calories too! We feasted on them fresh, tossed them into salads and then the baker in me wanted to bake something, of course. Then this Persimmon Bread happened, I came home a little early from work and got down to baking this beautiful cake. In this uncertain world of ours, the thing about baking is that you can count on it. 

This cake has the texture of Banana bread but tastes very more glorious and also has all the warm spices along with the taste of ripe persimmons!! I'm so happy that I made this and now every time I see these fruits in the market, I'm going to come back with some, you bet. I have used the pulp of over ripe ones, cut into half and scoop out the pulp and add to the batter. Below is the full recipe.

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