Classic Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise sauce is staple at home, creamy, luscious and delicious. Sandwiches and salads come alive and so many other dishes shine with a lick of Mayo.  I really don't know what to say about Mayonnaise, it makes everything taste better. Its almost self explanatory, isn't ??? Unfortunately the store bought one can never match the flavour and taste of fresh homemade ones and all it needs is 10 minutes of our precious time and very few ingredients to make of the most delicious sauce. 

Making a mayonnaise sauce from scratch is easier than you think and I promise you you will never buy store bought Mayonnaise again. In less than 10 mins you will have a jar of ready sauce and promise you much healthier too. Growing up, I would always see our old cook, painstakingly and patiently whisk the ingredients together to create the most divine Mayonnaise sauce, I of course always find an easy route so I skip the arm workout and rely on my trusty blender to do the work for me, using the same old recipe. 

The Tea Estates in Assam were famous for lavish meals and one dish that stands out is the "Russian Salad". The secret to a great Russian salad is of course the Mayonnaise sauce, creamy, rich and luxurious.

Honestly this recipe is a keeper and you will never ever go back to buying from stores.

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