Ginger Pear Tea Cake

The sun rays are slowly getting mellow and there is a smoothing cool breeze in the evenings heralding the winter months. The air is a electric with Durga Puja festivity despite that 2020 has been so challenging to everyone. The festival season will be more sombre and astute in comparison to the other times but the spirit is no less. These festivals gives one hope and is a way of reassuring the continuity of life.

The ingredients for poaching the pears

Poached Pears

Autumn also means pears, warming spices and cozier days. I have been meaning to bake this rather special cake for a while and finally I did land up baking it between so many other commitments. Poached pears are simply so delicious and then when you add cake batter to it, it turns magical and beautiful. It turns its an elegant cake with delicate pears embedded in it. Generally, pears are poached in wine but here we add Assam's favourite drink - Tea, the pears are poached in a beautifully spicy tea liquor, infused with cinnamon, cloves and cardamom and cider vinegar. I used homemade Apple Cider Vinegar, which made it even more special. About my homemade ACV, will share the details another time. Today is about this sophisticated cake! 

I have also used sugar cane jaggery which lends beautiful nutty caramel flavour and the fresh grated ginger gives this cake a nice spicy kick and the cake is not an overtly sweet cake which works wonderfully. If you enjoy the flavours of Indian Masala Chai then this cake has all of that and then the soft delicate pears in each bite. This cake would be an ideal option as a dessert to end elegant dinner during the festive season. 

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