Thai Spicy Chicken and Basil Fried Rice

If there is one place I want to visit once we are allowed to travel again, it has to be Thailand and not Bangkok but the quieter and serene parts of Thailand. While Bangkok is all about the glitz and endless shopping along with the fabulous food, which I love, but I'm not too keen on the the first part. The crowd, the traffic, and the rush kind of exhaust me. So its generally take the first cab out of the city to journey myself to the more salubrious part of this beautiful country. The sea is never too far away and the food everywhere is heavenly, its always fresh, flavoursome and mouthwatering. Thailand is a country where there is food everywhere, one is assaulted by aromas , the sound of  the wok that is hard to resist. There is always so much to explore from street food to fine dining spaces, with cute cafes thrown in between! 

So, while this hankering for some Thai food strikes me, I quickly prepared myself some Thai Spicy Chicken and Basil Fried Rice because it is fast, quick and absolutely delicious, hitting all the right notes with the least bit of fuss. You don't need to go hunting for ingredients but there is no compromise where Basil is concerned, that is the star ingredient that adds the wonderful fragrance and flavour. You can add shrimps or chicken mince or finely chopped. This is a humble dish but be prepared to be blown away by the flavours and taste. Oh yes, if you are vegetarian just replace the protein with tofu and still enjoy it! 

Here is a tip, use a mortar and pestle to pound the garlic, birds eye chillies and salt for the best result.

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