Coconut Lime Shrimp Curry

Someone once said that to truly relish a meal is an art of its own. It is developed  through patience and through cherishing the simple pleasures of  life. I couldn't agree more, I try to savour my meals, even simple ordinary everyday meals. Lately, I have been juggling so many things but I couldn't have been more happier doing what I'm doing. Working on a new project, honestly it almost feels like having a child. It has taken me years of courage to take this plunge and now that it is almost ready for the market, I'm filled with excitement and of course nervousness. The long planning, working with the team, support from people who believe and love you; its been a long journey. And, this is just the beginning! I know the journey is going to be one crazy ride and I'm so ready for this adventure. My days are crazy, and my life is a roller coaster but meal times are still little calm zone. There is no batering when it comes to that one peaceful meal a day.

So, today in between my hectic day, I still found a little me time to do a quick and easy shrimp in a creamy coconut curry which is redolent with fresh flavours of lemon grass and kafir lime. A bowl that perfumed our kitchen with its fragrance, while flirting with the tastebuds and comforting our heart. A happy bowl of simple food like this, makes life appear much less daunting and a bit more graceful.  

The other day, while driving by the fish market, I stopped on a whim and I guess, my stars were aligned because I did get some beautiful plump fresh water shrimps. I love shrimps but, I hate the frozen ones in equal measure.  Call me a snob, but I grew up eating such beautiful fresh river produce that the tastebuds are spoilt and knows the difference too well.  Cleaning fresh shrimps can be a chore but the seller was sporting enough to do the needful, so madam could walk away with the loot, wearing a big smile. I turned these glorious beauty into a wonderfully delicious Coconut and Lime Curry with Lemongrass today.

How easy and quick is this?!!
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