Burnt Basque Cheese Cake

Its been a crazy, exciting week running on high energy and the week ended with my little heart's birthday. I almost missed and a huge faux pax was about to unfold but it all got saved and that meant late night baking and juggling around and voila, the major disaster was averted. The Burnt Basque Cheesecake is not a traditional birthday cake but it is so delicious and that it is indeed befitting the special occasion. It also helps that we enjoy cakes that are high on flavour and not too decorated in sugar and cream. I kept alternating between an Almond Rose Cardamom or Basque Cheesecake for little heart. We are so fortunate that we have her home for her birthday after 4 years and that itself made it a celebration.

Coming back to the Burnt Basque Cheesecake, it is easy to bake this amazing cheesecake with just a few ingredients and a very, very hot oven to achieve this deep mahogany caramelized top, with a creamy, silky, and custard-like interior. This cheesecake is everything you would expect a cheesecake shouldn't be: it has no crust, the top cracks up, and its meant to be burnt! Yet once you taste this, you will make room in your heart for it! It is light on the palette not cloyingly sweet and that burnt caramel top makes the beguiling looking cheesecake, addictive.

This cheesecake is inspired by the famous La Vina, where it all began decades ago. Santiago Rivera, the owner of La Vina, in San Sebastian created this delectable dessert and now the whole world cannot have enough of this burnt, gooey cheesecake! The recipe calls of few ingredients and it is pretty simple to make.

The cheesecake straight out of the oven

The breakfast table spread for little heart's birthday!

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