In a world full of uncertainties, when the energies are low , the spirit is exhausted and the body is hungry, comfort food is a consolation. There are certain dishes that can be cooked with your eyes closed and it will never ever let you down and each time you will be rewarded with smiles around the table. I'm a lazy cook, I mean for my everyday meal can't be too exacting and it will have to be minimal effort with maximum results. I have a few dishes up my sleeve that I will turn out when my brain is too tired to think and I can pretty much cook these dishes with my eyes closed. They come to your rescue and save your life without letting me down.

Comfort food is almost like a warm hug, filling you up and lifting your spirits even if it is a brief period lasting only  as long you are eating. Food is after all a kind of edible therapy, helping  us nourish our body as well our soul. I often cook Frittata when I'm tired but yet I want to serve something that will make everyone at home happy. It is quick cooking and not very demanding except that it needs a sturdy  steel handled pan, because the last part of the cooking done in the oven ,makes it a lot easier than over the stove.  It yields a beautiful crust around the edges and sets the top beautifully.  Having said that it can always be done over a stove but you have to be vigilant all the time.

The beauty of a frittata is that you can thrown in any vegetables or left over chicken, ham and turn it into a hearty meal, for the eggs will hold up every bit in its full glory. Serve this with a salad and some bread and put your feet up and relax your family meal time. I once had unexpected guests and the frittata was my saviour, some left over rice turned into a wonderous cold salad and the wine and candles came out. Heartwarming meal and great time without me going into a frenzy.

Of course, its the good old flat omelette but this omelette is dressed in olive oil or butter with a host of little bit of this and a bit of that, what you can add is limitless but end result is always delicious. 

Get those organic farm eggs, fresh ones with silky golden yolks, I abhor those dull & pale eggs, they do nothing for my taste or my mood, so roll up your sleeves and make a mean frittata and wow your family and friends.

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