Chocolate Espresso Cake

Chocolate cakes are like Little Black Dress of Cakes, you got to have one recipe nailed in your pocket which you bring out when in doubt what to serve for dessert or when everything around you fails, just to perk you up. You can either dress it down or dress it up depending on the occasion. There are endless recipes and then there are some more. The conundrum is which one will live up to its reputation. The internet is full of so many recipes that it can be boggling and not all are reliable either. You got to do  trials and tests to see which one will work and for a novice, this can be quite daunting. You need a recipe that  is easy and will not let you down and  doesn't ask for ingredients one barely recognize or have to scurry to the nearest gourmet store. I personally  abhor such recipes and generally skip them fast.  I'm always on the look out for simple recipes that delivers results more than the work out in! 

The world is full of chocolate lovers and having a couple of never fail recipes helps to sail through life quite easily. Chocolate cakes are not just rich, decadent and it is somewhat very comforting. There are some that a fudgy, gooey and sinfully rich and there was some which are light, airy, and almost  having a mousse like texture which is so perfect as a dessert. We are a family of chocolate addicts and coffee and when these two come together is irresistibly delicious. I bake a Chocolate Espresso Cake which ticks off all the boxes in taste, flavour and texture. It is light, airy and spongy, it needs a wee bit of love and attention but then the result is so rewarding. 

Incase, you are entertaining and feeling indulgent (neither of which I'm under the current situation), go ahead and add a frosting of Irish Meringue Coffee cream, otherwise a dash of coffee liquor, and a dusting of cocoa powder makes this cake look elegant and pretty. 

Looking forward to hearing your feedback for this recipe.

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