Tarte Tatin

Tarte Tatin is named after two impoverish gentlewomen, from the French region of Solonge, who earned their living by baking their father's favourite apple tart. The secret of a a great apple tart is to cook the apples in the caramel itself, allowing the deep flavours of caramel into the fruit. Its delicious, rustic and a very unpretentious dessert which warms the heart.

I recieved a box of crunchy golden apples from Tons valley in Uttarakhand. Kalap Trust, run by Anand Shanker and Shubhra Chatterjee, are doing some amazing work in Tons valley- helping and empowering the villagers and setting up a hospital where there was none. I met Shubhra through my culinary work, our paths crossed and we seem to have developed deep respect and love for the work we both do. She is a kickass film maker and foodie, hunting down lost recipes around the country, archiving them, shooting them for the digital media, and she is popularly now referred to as Historywali! And, she is also the owner of the most electrfying smile lighting up a room. 

I am a sucker for History, putting the pieces together, intrigued by how mankind reached where we are and the social history is absolutely fascinating. Food History reflects our culture and the why we eat what we eat falls into places like pieces of jigsaw puzzle. Heck, I quit commerce to study History after high school, despite being a topper in the State, all because of my love for history much to the consternation of my parents! So, it is only natural that Shubhra and I share a bond.

Coming back to our Tarte Tatin, I always follow Anne Willan's recipes. Her recipe is easy and never fails, an incredibly delicious caramely tart. I promise you, that your taste buds will definitely transport you to a French Cafe. Imagine sitting and watching the world go by, as you langorously tuck in a scrumptious slice of  the tart. Just bake this tart and let your tastebuds travel evoking memories of sweet romantic holidays.  

Serve this tart with Creme Fraiche on the side or a scoop of vanilla ice cream, if you aren't feeling paticularly ambitious, either way it will guarantee you deliciousness.

I have halved the ingredients  from the original recipe to suit our family, the measurments given below serves 4 or 6 depending the portion size and appetite.

Caramelising the apples

The caramelised apples

Covering the apples with the pastry before it goes into the oven

Looking forward to hearing your feedback for this recipe.

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