Vegan Kebabs with Banana Blossom

Did you know that Asia's largest Banana Market is in Assam? Darangri is the largest retail hub in entire Asia, so there is an important significance of banana fruit, plant and blossom in our cuisine. If you take a closer look at our eating habits, our dishes are largely gluten free and milk is rarely used in our cooking. 

The banana plant forms an important role in our diet, "Kola Khar" is made off the burnt ashes of a banana plant to create our favourite dish of  'Khar'. "Kola Khar" has the same property as baking soda but this one is a natural product and purely organic free of any chemical product. Of course, the fruit is consumed by all for its one of cheapest fruit available, high in vitamin, mineral and nutrient. Today, I'm here to share the benefit of consuming the banana blossom. 

The banana blossom is an excellent source of  iron, Vitamin C, and minerals. It is also diabetic friendly helping to keep the blood sugar in control and is also full of antioxidants. In our culture, lactating mothers are advised to include banana blossom in their diet to increase the milk quantity and also helps the uterus to heal faster. The benefits of eating this simple flower are many. 

Koldil, as we call the Banana Blossom in our local parlance, is delicious and cooked in a variety of dishes, both vegetarian and with meat protein. We often make a Bhaji, (stir fry with potato) or  an elaborate curry with chicken. But today I made a delicious Kebab, perfect if you are a vegetarian or a vegan.  

Soaking the grated banana flower in tumeric and salt to remove bitterness

The only challenge with the banana blossom is the cleaning process, its time consuming and a tad tedious. The flower itself has no taste as such but has beautiful texture. I have always seen, my Ma grate and soak it in a bowl of water with salt and turmeric to remove any bitterness. Dealing with the banana blossom requires a little of patience and a lot of love but the reward at the end is worth it.  Did I also tell you eating banana blossom acts as an anti depressant too? These absolutely delicious vegan kebabs are sure to lift you mood anyway!!  Who doesn't need mood lifters in this hour? 

Here goes my recipe.

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