Thai Green Curry (Vegan)

My family absolutely love Thai food. I'm not talking casual appreciation here but a serious deep love. Thai cuisine is so flavoursome, spicy, tangy, and sweet and sour. Its light and simple but bursting with complex flavours, achieving perfect harmony. Fresh ingredients, herbs are essential part of Thai food. I'm literally in food heaven when in Thailand, as soon as you land your senses are assailed and assaulted by intriguing aromas, begging you to taste the different dishes. I pay homage to my favourite cuisine by visiting every year, discovering new dishes and then I always take Thai cooking classes, so that I can learn to cook just as well so I can recreate the dishes and relive the memories.

Nothing beats the taste and flavour of fresh made curry paste - just keep in mind that in Thai cooking, the spices are weighed, measured and calibrated. Its all about balance, the heat, the sweetness, the acid and the saltiness. Pungent spices are toned by fresh herbs like lemongrass and galangal and salty sauces are off set with sugar or lemon juice. Perfect harmony is the guiding principal behind thai cooking. Besides, it is quick and easy, another factor that draws me. I love when meals can be created with the least amount of fuss.

I'm going share the recipe of the popular Thai Green Curry but the curry paste is made from scratch and that is what makes all the difference. Its zesty, gingery and super aromatic and delicious. Bear with me the green bell pepper is not the freshest of produce, cooking during the pandemic with limited availability of fresh produce. But, a true cooks continues to cook and adapts to the situation and so I continue to create in my kitchen and share with all of you.

Ingredients for the Green Curry paste

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