Tangy Fish Curry with Ridge Gourd (Masor Jika Tenga)

About a couple of weeks back, so much of hue and cry was made over social media about the interpretation of our "Tenga Anja". Tenga in Assamese translates to sour curry and our meals are incomplete without our favourite sour curry. It is a light broth and only mildly sour, the souring agent can range from lemons, berries to fruits even greens with tangy flavour and we add all sorts of seasonal vegetable to the broth.  Summer means loads of gourds, we have so many varieties to choose from. One of my favourite is the ridge gourd, its loaded with vitamin C, fiber, iron, and other vitamins.

Jika Tenga Anja with steaks of fresh river water fish is a delicate tangy curry and is heavenly with steamed rice. I have used dried '"thereka" or Garcinia penduculata as the souring agent here but this can easily be replaced with some fresh lemon juice.

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