Stuffed Dumplings in Lentil Curry (Dal Dhokli)

Food is comforting and in times, when life's sharp edges tends to catch on, one seeks out food  reliving quiet moments of joy. The past 4 months has been trying and testing all of us. 2020 has taught us some hard lessons, making us each dig deep into our selves and value simple things in life. Life is in slow motion and if there is one thing I learnt, it is kindness both to self and to others.

This pandemic has taught me how to cook with patience and limited produce. I'm mostly cooking one pot meals because my vegetable box is almost empty. As a result, I rely a lot on lentils and legumes to cook nutritious and tasty meals for the family.

This is a dish of stuffed wheatflour dumplings, called Dhokli, which is simmered in a flavorful lentil sauce seasoned with spices and ghee. I have followed my friend and blogger Nandi Shah's recipe. She shares her recipes weaving stories about the dish, where it came from or why it is cooked, feeding not just our body but our curiosity too.

Today, as I went about cooking this dish, I almost felt transported to  my friend's kitchen, to the many meals she lovingly cooked and fed us at her table, sharing a laugh, an anecdote or just ensconcing us in her warmth. Food helps us to recreate our memories and unfold happy thoughts and enabling us to travel through our palate while sitting in our homes! So, it is dear Nandi Shah, from Indulge at Restore, who will seduce our taste buds with her Gujarati Dal Dholki.

As you might expect, I had to apply for creative license, with her guidance, because my pantry lacked fresh peas! We are in the midst of a pandemic and what is home cooking, if it can't be tweaked a bit?  I had a packet of frozen beetroot and some fresh coconut and that seemed like an interesting combination, both to the eye and to the palate. Rest I followed her recipe religiously and was rewarded with the most amazing tasting Dal Dhokli. 

Making the Dhoklis with beetroot and coconut filling

Ah! How I love that she has aptly called this the Indian version of the Ravioli, but with simple everyday ingredients. This recipe below has been adapted from Nandi's original one and you must check her detailed blog and recipe here

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