Masala Chai Cake (Eggless)

How delightful to be able to combine two of my favourites, tea and cake, into one! Here is a wonderfully moist and soft cake with a surprise flavour, Masala Chai. A delicious cake with light essence of tea, cardamon and spices. Besides, you won't be able to tell that I have used wholewheat flour (remember, I'm out of APF and the lockdown continues here!). The texture and crumb is so amazingly soft. The cake is rich with earthy warm notes of spices, floral notes of tea and  it is egg-free too.

I guess, my love for tea continues and this cake is a representation of that same passion. when living in the estates, I used to wait for the freshly made tea leaves straight off the factory. The aroma of fresh tea leaves is heavenly, robust and floral and the colour a brilliant orange, one just added a spot milk and drank the elixir. Of course, I no longer have the luxury of fresh tea leaves and probably have slowly taken to drinking coffee. This cake is somehow brings back the wonderful memories of a idyllic charming tea estate life, it is rich, decadent and absolutely delicious.

Even if you are not a fan of tea, I promise you, you will love this cake. Hope you enjoy baking this cake as much as I did! 

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