Java Plum Popsicle (Kala Jamun)

Growing up, summer meant home from boarding school, lazy afternoons and gorging on luscious Java plum and mangoes. And, like everyone, the three of us would check our purple stained tongues post eating these plums. My sister and I were closer in age and our baby brother much younger, the apple of our eyes, these were some of the best time spent together. We would absolutely delight in these sweet and sour jamuns, with some chat masala or just plain salt. Java Plums were available for a very short period of time, the space underneath the tree would be dotted with deep dark fruit and some smashed staining the ground purple. The birds would feast, we would gorge and Dad would feast, I don't remember Mum feasting. I guess, she was just happy and content that we had her fill.

I remember, Dad would be served a huge bowl because it was supposed to be good for controlling his blood sugar. We ate them because it was fun to run around with purple tongues! Much later, while my interest in eating seasonal and local that my research led me to all the nutritional benefits of consuming these plums. These gifts from nature are not just great from combating summer heat but also are a rich source of protein, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and calcium, besides they are very low in calories. Do we need more reasons to eat them?  The only problem is that it is available for a very short period of time. But, hang in, the pulp stays good frozen. Every summer I make these delicious Popsicle and relive my childhood days. These are so so easy to make and so darn good and healthy too. Try these at home and I swear you will fall in love with these beauties.

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