If there is one dish that never fails to cheer up it is, Calzone. For me it works well because it is quick, non-fussy and easy. I often use left over pizza dough and any left over veggie or chicken. I know purists will scoff at such an idea but these are meals that I prepare for my family, seeped in love and warmth. My motto has always been to feed the family with nutritious meals, seasonal and inspired by our travels and eating out. 

When the other day, over a conversation in social media, a fellow foodie remarked that she can never ever think of substituting an ingredient because of non-availbility. I was left dumbstruck. For me, what is cooking if I can't be a little playful in the kitchen, with the ingredients, with the flavours? I would be totally be out of my happy zone and be feel utterly limited. I take inspiration and mostly adapt to availibility  of produce and recreate a dish. Cooking is an art and an expression of your self.

Coming back to our Calzone today, please feel free to add your own creative ideas. Why do you need to do a savoury one just because I have done one, go ahead do a sweet and tangy one. The choices are so many and like I said have fun, during the process of cooking rather than making it a chore. These calzones are perfect for dinner accompanied by a salad and a glass of wine. They pack well for picnics and lunch boxes too. Can be served hot or at room temperature, tastes divine either way. 

Do share your feedback or any comments you have below.

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