100% Whole Wheat Bread

I realized two days into the lockdown, I had no All Purpose Flour in the pantry. Miscalculation! I presumed I had a few packets, but since we do not use much of APF in our diet except to bake sandwich bread, I really didn't panic at the situation. I promised myself that I would try and nail the recipe for a 100% wholewheat flour sandwich bread. My previous attempts have not yielded satisfactory results and somehow I have always put off the task of perfecting it for a later date. No more procrastinating- I threw myself headlong into weighing, kneading and baking that illusive perfect wholewheat loaf.  And, this time, its going to be a recipe good enough to be shared here on my blog.  

A good sandwich bread is like a dream: soft, airy, gorgeous crumb, zero additives, and most importantly, great taste. Am I too finicky? Maybe a tad! This bread just turned out gorgeous and is perfect even for beginners. Nothing beats the aroma of fresh  bread straight from the oven, this one came out with a stunning crust, golden and crisp with soft inside. Perfect for a sandwich.

Before making this 100% wholewheat bread, just keep in mind a few simple tips in mind while handling the whole wheat dough.

1. Water may vary depending on the weather condition, humid conditions may require a little less than drier weather. 

2. The dough may seem sticky but after kneading it will become soft and smooth, please avoid adding excess flour while kneading.

3. The baking time is approximate, it may vary oven to oven.

To happy baking!

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  1. Hello,
    I tried the recipe. Bread came out good but didn't rise like yours. Could you please tell me how much whole wheat flour you used in gms.

    Thank you!

  2. Hello , so glad you tried the recipe, wholewheat bread can be a little tricky and sometimes the rise can be slow. Allow it to double in volume before you bake it after reshaping the dough. The wholewheat flour in grams is approx 400 gms.


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