Watermelon Sorbet

Long summer days are upon us, here in Assam, we are getting rains almost every day and then the sun comes out ,smothering us in a humid hug, then all I long is for tall cooling drinks and fruit sorbets. They satiate my urges for something sweet and something cold but I also know they are healthy. 

Sorbets are perfect for a healthy,cool treat , occasional indulgence of ice creams are okay, beside they are so easy to make. No churning and one doesn't need a ice cream machine. This one is an absolute delicious one, who doesn't love water melon, its  such crowd pleaser fruit! Its refreshing, light, hydrating, nourishing and is packed  with vitamin C. This recipe is also dairy free and has the wonderful goodness of coconut milk and the flavour, making it rich and creamy. The colour is such pretty pink hue that it is just impossible not to fall in love, a romantic rose pink.  The flavour of watermelon and coconut compliment each other well, when you put a spoonful in your mouth, the watermelon shines through and then a subtle flavour of coconut creeps in. Just so perfect.

Go ahead and make a yourself this winsome deliciousness with this simple recipe.

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