Simit Tarifi (Turkish Bread)

Simit is a delicious  sesame seed encrusted Turkish bread, sold all over Turkey. The first time I spotted these twisted ring shaped bread on the streets of Istanbul, I was sold. I ate every single day of my trip, honestly it is kind of addictive. They are crisp on the outside, mildly sweet, chewy and soft on the outside. They are one of the most popular street food in Turkey and makes a wonderful quick meal with a cup of hot Turkish tea. 

Simit are dipped are in a light solution of molasses and then encrusted in sesame seed. This imparts a subtle sweetness but still has a distinct savory flavour. Sesame seed are the traditional topping but feel free to add flaxseed, pumpkin seed or sunflower seeds. Besides, I have also experimented with sugar cane molasses instead of grape molasses and it really did not alter the taste at all. 

They are fabulous eaten plain or buttered with a cup of tea. Turn these into gorgeous filling sandwiches with fillings of your choice, cream cheese and smoked salmon is amazing, nothing like creating the taste of Turkey in the comfort of one's home. For Simit was a delicious discovery. 

Dipping the bread in jaggery

And then in Sesame Seeds

Note: Simit can be enjoyed either plain or as a delicious sandwich

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