Quinoa Seed Loaf

If you are looking to eat healthy, (which one of us aren't under the current times?) this super nutritious, mineral and vitamin rich Quinoa Seed Loaf is perfect.  Sometimes back, I had collaborated to create recipes for Organic Farmers Company, who guarantees organically grown and naturally enriched  Quinoa and started experimenting in the kitchen.  One of my favourite recipe is this savoury, masala  loaf, wonderful both toasted or otherwise. I'm always looking out to eat healthy and consciously, incorporating local grains, millet and quinoa seemed like a great option. Rich in protein, dietary fiber, vitamin B and other minerals. 

This loaf recipe is nut free, gluten free, egg, and diary free, loaded with some super seeds and tastes  devilish delicious.  It is dense and not like the regular bread and it is bursting with  flavour, toast it slightly and top with some olive oil. I had some sun dried tomatoes that went atop too. 

If you are vegetarian, this is a perfect alternative. Quinoa is known to have all the nine amino acids, essential for  the human body, besides it is gluten free, so if anyone suffers from gluten allergy, quinoa is a good option.

Served here with along with some pesto

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