Punjabi Dal Tadka

We are a family of Dal fiends. Dals get a place of pride on our table. I have always believed if you can cook a fabulous bowl of dal,with balanced flavours , you can cook any other dish well.  Give me great tasting bowl of dal with some steamed rice and I'm the happiest person on the table. Lentils / dal play a big role in our Indian diet, it is a great source of protein and no meal is complete without a familiar and comforting bowl of dal.

Our lentil curry/ dal can be soupy, light and flavoursome or it can be spicy, creamy, velvety and rich. I rarely cook the same dal everyday.  Sharing today one of our favourite family dal. It goes perfectly well with steamed rice and flatbread. This is a rather luxurious dal at it is a great to cook, when you are entertaining family and friends.

For this recipe, I have used a mix of Tuvar Dal (pigeon pea lentil) and Moong Dal (split yellow moong lentil). 

Note: Best enjoyed with warm rice or rotis!

If you try this recipe, I love to hear your feedback and comments.
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