Matcha & Black Sesame Buns

Don't know when but Matcha made its way into our lives and pretty much entrenched itself, staying for the long haul and not going anytime soon. I love my shot of matcha latte every morning, and by now I'm certain you have heard about the immense benefits of match consumption. It is full of antioxidants boosts immunity, detoxifying, and enhances mood. 

If you are new to matcha, it is an acquired taste but once you start enjoying it, you will become addicted it! The taste of matcha is slightly bitter and leafy; but if you are using good quality ceremonial grade matcha powder, it has a very smooth flavour of vegetal notes. In this recipe I'm using 'Uji Matcha', which has wonderful nutty, grassy and sweet tones. So, try and use good quality matcha powder and enjoy the benefits of this miracle food.

Today I've made this dish to try and juxtapose our Assamese love for black sesame seed. Although, black sesame isn't widely used in mainland Indian cooking, it is a popular ingredient with both Assamese and Asian cooking. Matcha and black sesame are a wonderful flavour pairing together. And for people who are just starting out with matcha, this recipe is a wonderful way to ease yourself into the flavours of matcha green tea. 

These buns look a gorgeous, pretty green shade with a dark mysterious filling. It is fluffy, soft and a delight to eat. Sweet, yet with a hint of savoury flavour from the toasted sesame seeds and the earthiness of the sugar cane jaggery, it all complements beautifully with the matcha buns.

Sharing below, this easy recipe with the most rewarding result and so worth the effort.

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