Fish in Tangy Tomato Gravy (Masor Bilahi Tenga)

There is a growing interest amidst the culinary world to explore and taste new cuisines and fares. Regional cuisine is stirring up imagination as well taste buds. 'Masor Bilahi Tenga'  is an quintessential dish of the Assamese Cuisine. We find a way to eat this at every meal, summer or winter. 
For someone trying out our cuisine for the first time, I would highly recommend this delicate and mild tangy fish curry with hot steaming rice and a crisp fritter of eggplant or pumpkin as an accompaniment.

The internet throws up a 100 different recipe of our 'Masor Bilahi Tenga', some close to the authentic one, some way off, but food at the end is how it tastes. If an addition of certain spice agrees and works for your taste bud, its perfectly fine. I'm however, sharing with you a recipe that has been with our family for generations. 
Fish in Tangy Tomato Gravy or Masor Bilahi Tenga is a simple sublime and a very uncomplicated dish. The adage 'Less is more' fits well. It takes no more than 15 to 20 mins to prepare  the dish, with a few everyday ingredients. The souring agents can be fresh lime in summer or wood apple or tangy robust heritage tomatoes in winters. If you can have access to sweet fresh river water fish from one of the tributaries of Brahmaputra, it would make the dish glorious.

The ingredients
Marinated fish with salt and tumeric

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