Classic Homemade Bagels

                                                        New York Style Bagels

I didn't grow up eating Bagel, infact I didn't know bagel what was until much later in life, when I chanced upon them on a trip to New York. I loved these crisp outside, dense chewy inside and with wonderful toppings, smeared with butter and cream cheese. I live in a city where no bakery boasts of bagels and the only way to appease my bagel craving is to make my own and  to recreate the flavours at home.  The process seems a little long but it is so well worth every little detail. I must confess that after many failed attempts, with recipes from the web, I found the one that works, every time, each time without fail.  Basic pantry ingredients which transform into a glorious freshly baked New York Bagels!
This easy bagel recipe does not ask for overnight fermentation and results in the most delicious bagels- in about 2 hours only. Honestly, I can't dedicate two days to bite into a bagel, thats not me! This one doesn't require maple syrup or yogurt or any other fancy things, just simple ingredients that turn into a good old bagel, modestly sweet, crispy, chewy all at once,  to be just  smeared with cream cheese and savoured with delight. Besides, you will feel so accomplished and satisfied after seeing these golden orbs coming out of the oven, all shiny and pretty, that you will like me keep making them, simply for the sheer joy.

Some steam the bagels before baking, I prefer the boiling method. The boiled bagel gives a much denser and stiffer dough with a wonderful crisp outside. The boiling helps  to gelatinize  the starches on the surface, giving it a beautiful shine, crust and chew which the steamed method will never be able to achieve.

Let me share my never fail bagel, even if bagels are not available where you live, you can now indulge in this gorgeous one using this infinitely easy recipe. When you get bored of eating breads, bake yourself a bagel, slather some cream cheese, top with a few slices of tomatoes, salmon and savour bliss. 

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