Wholewheat Apple Cinnamon Cake

Wholewheat Apple Cinnamon Cake

Ever since this lockdown began, the supply of fruits have be irregular and our consumption intermittent.  And, when I do get fruits, I have started using them judiciously and literally rationing them. Oh, you Corona-19, you have turned us all into new people that we ourselves are getting used to.  Besides, the quality of fruits aren't the very best. Most of our fruit supply is out of the State and hence the supply suffered. I did manage to get some apples and not so good mangoes, which tasted so BLEH , that I decided to make some ice cream and a few apple found its way into a beautiful moist cake with warm notes of cinnamon. 

Spice and Apple complement each other so well, cinnamon lends a beautiful warm earthy note to the apple and honey makes it just blissful.

The recipe here is simple and this cake is perfect with a cup of tea with our present weather of rains lashing outside.


Sift all the dry ingredients together

Cook the apples and sugar together in a pan

Cook until the sugar completely metls with the apples

Add the cooked apples to the dry mixture with the rest of the ingredients

The cake is best enjoyed with honey and cinnamon butter

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