Whole Wheat Chocolate & Beetroot Cake

Whole Wheat Chocolate & Beetroot Cake

This is one of the most moist and delicious chocolate cake with a surprise ingredient, Beetroot!  If you are craving a chocolate cake and yet want it to be healthy, this one will definitely satiate your cravings. I have always been intrigued about adding beetroot in the cake batter. Baking one has always been on my mind and this time at home is the perfect time to bake this lovely cake.Well, it is all over the internet but unless one tries and tests in one's kitchen and is satisfied with the results, it is indeed hard to recommend. But, this one delivers heavenly delight. There I said it. The beetroot puree makes the cake soft and keeps it moist; its the third day and my cake is still as good as on the first day and we can't stop eating. It is so well balanced in terms of sweetness and flavour.

I love baking cakes with fruits and vegetables because, it gives such a wonderful depth to the basic vanilla or chocolate, besides keeping it oh-so-moist. It's a completely different thing that they don't last long.

I have added olive oil but please feel free to add canola oil or even butter. And, I have not frosted the cake either, it tastes so good on it own and I'm also a bit picky about the extra sugar and cream, unless it is a special occasion, then I go the full hog!


Dry Mix

Wet Mix

Adding the beetroot puree

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