Spiced Fish Fillet

Spiced Fish Fillet

Our family love fish which, of course, wouldn't surprise anyone- most Assamese just love fish! This recipe here is an easy and absolutely delicious one. The fish fillets gets done in less than 30 mins. It is perfect for a quick meal when spending too much time in front of the stove is not in the mind. You can use any fish fillet, you have as long it is does not have many bones. I just happened to have some Basa in the freezer and under the present situation, produce coming into the market is still sporadic , using whatever is available at home. This spiced fish, uses only 4 ingredients and delivers stunning result. 
I know, Basa is not the first choice of fish that comes to mind when eating at home and I do try to eat as much local produce as possible but once in while I guess, its okay to be a little easy on our selves.  I have used the spices from a local brand and was very surprised by the blend of  flavours, fresh, robust and it definitely made life so much easier in the kitchen, especially when helps are not there.. I barely took 5 mins to prep up the fish. RM Spices sent me box of their products to try, tucked amid the usual cumin, coriander was a beautiful piquant mustard powder and Fish Masala. Although a little skeptical about the Fish Masala, I decided to go ahead and use it . Was I disappointed? Well, it worked very well and I was indeed very impressed.

Hope, you will love this dish as much as I did and serve this with a side of Salad, I plan to serve this for dinner with a warm chickpea salad with a yogurt mint dip.

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