Homemade Flat noodles with Spicy Peanut Sauce

How can something so delicious, be so easy to cook? Nothing absolutely nothing beats the taste of fresh homemade noodles I have for ever been intimidated and daunted by the idea of trying to make noodles at home. Although, I grew up eating Handmade noodles, though not by my mother but by an amazing cook ,who would lovingly make these noodles and feed us. I hold close the memories of those charming meals and I probably fear that I would fail to recreate those perfect dishes, hence like an Ostrich I bury my head in the sand and move past my fears. Besides, I keep telling myself I can make noodles only if I have a Pasta Machine, tell you, I devise ways to avoid failing but then these are unusual times, we are living through a Pandemic and life is no longer about perfection or failings but taking each day as it comes and facing our fears and finding joy in very which way and be grateful for all that we have.

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So, here is this recipe of flat noodles without any fancy machine, just simple 3 Ingredients of flour, water and salt to make the most amazing noodles. It is all a matter of making the dough, rolling and cutting it and then cooking them . That's it, I said it.

However, the quality of the flour will affect the kind of noodles you get, the flour that I'm using is MAGIKCOOK , All purpose flour.  This is fortified flour with vitamins and is of consistent good quality. Besides, it is locally produced in the North East India, hence  its always fresh and the carbon footprints are minimized. I have for ever been talking and practising conscious eating.

The dough needs to stiff and quantity of flour to water is 2:1. It may seem like the water is less and the dough is dry, which is completely fine. You will rewarded by soft and chewy noodles with a beautiful toothsome flavour, which only fresh noodles will deliver.

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