Gozleme is a traditional Turkish savoury flatbread filled with a variety of  fillings from minced meat to spinach and feta cheese. Gozleme dough is usually made with just flour, salt, baking powder, and water. The trick lies in rolling out the dough really thin and filling with a filling and cooking over a skillet until crisp and flaky.  

So, when my little heart is home, we are always trying something new in the kitchen. She has a fairly well developed palate,so trying something new is always exciting when you have someone who is appreciative and willing to be a guinea pig of all my trials in the kitchen!

During this lockdown period, I have been cooking fervently, I guess this my way of dealing with this usual and challenging time. Little heart graduated her College with distinction in the midst of this Pandemic. All plans of going for Graduation came to a naught and Class of 2020 graduated online! Sad, yes for all the kids who graduated after four years of  Classes,assignments, library work and literally jumping  on to a flight and rushing back home ,without so much as a proper goodbye to people who had become their family and friends in faraway lands but life is what it is. 

Anyway, coming back to this wonderfully delicious and easy Turkish stuffed Flatbread is addictive with crisp crusty outside and soft creamy filling inside. I used homemade cottage cheese and pretty much whatever was available at hand. 

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