Coconut and Lemon Scones

Scones, jam and clotted cream  is sure to transport one to the English countryside and it is abundantly clear that when the Britishers came to Assam to grow tea and make Assam the largest producer of tea in the world, they brought along with them their food too. Some of the traditional British dishes became a part of the Planters menu and remained so. The food in the plantations and the in the clubs remained heavily influenced by the Britishers. Some of the best kept recipes are with the old cooks in the tea plantations but that is a dying tribe. 

Our cook would make the perfect cream scones, buttery and melt -in-the-mouth crumbly, his old hands wrinkly hands would knead,coax the butter and flour to turn into the best scones I have ever tasted or eaten. He would flavour the basic recipe with vanilla, pluck a Kaji Lemon from the garden, and infuse the dough with the most aromatic lime zest and serve us the most amazing tea time treats. I could probably go on and on and so I try and recreate those lazy charming moments by baking these wonderful Scones. This recipe comes with a warning, it would be difficult to stop at just one, these are incredibly delicious.

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