Batata Vada Pav

Batata Vada Pav

Vada Pav, is the most popular street food of Mumbai. For me, a visit to Mumbai is not complete until I eat Batata Vada Pav and Misal Pav, no matter where I have dined, I cannot leave the city unless I have my fill of these deliciousness. Those spicy potato patties sandwiched between the famous Mumbai Pav, with spicy and sweet chutney.   It is almost synonymous with the city.

I remember standing infront of " Aswad" ( the iconic Restaurant of Mumbai, selling street food) for it to open, early in the morning to eat their Misal Pav and Batata Vada, this kind of gives a peek into my love for it. Another time, taking a friend on long ride while hunting for some Street Food on a hot sunny day.  

This lockdown has definitely put on hold all travel plans, temporarily and indulging in local food in different cities, has been put on hold. But, mercifully one can still travel via the taste buds. I will shamelessly call my up friends and pester them for recipes because no short cuts for me, I will want all the accompaniments too.  How in the world can I recreate my favourite  Batata Vada Pavs without the spicy, piquant, coconut garlic chutney.  So, I promptly messaged my friend and until she parted her recipe, I waited patiently. The family was floored with the result, we are only three right now, the fourth pillar is far far away. And, I miss him miserably, more so when I cook dishes like this. 

My first tryst with Mumbai goes back to the Eighties but it is only lately with my trips to the city on work, has made me admire the city and fall in love with her people, food and the vibrancy. I have made friends, forged bonds with some amazing people over food. Heard their food stories, shared mine, been gifted homemade spices, millets and grains that I lovingly carry back and have eaten some staggeringly delicious meals in homes of friends, dined in some of finest restaurants but its this simple Vada Pav that has my heart. 

The recipe may seem a little long but it is all very simple. No matter what try not to skip the dry coconut chutney, this is what makes the Vada Pav so special. I have used store bought Pav.

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