Dahi Bhaat (Curd Rice)

 I'm a traveler, so when I'm not travelling on my legs, my taste buds are  travelling. I love the cuisine from the Southern part of our country. If Dosa and Idli is comfort food , Fish Ishthu with Appam, gets me all misty eyed and mutter '' romba super', while tucking in lip smacking chutneys. One can go on and on about the wide variety of Chettiar favorites like Paniaaram or the Kerala  staples like Malabar Fish curry and Avail but its the humble, silent stunner that grabs my taste buds  " Thayir Saadam'' or Curd Rice. This is a popular South Indian dish of rice and curd, is  offered to devotees as prasadam in Vaishnavite temples . I'm happiest when a bowl of this simple dish appears on the table on a hot summer day and instantly perks me up.

It never ceases to amaze me, how a few simple ingredients come together to make such flavourful and complete meal, without any fuss. So, do try this dish and beat the summer heat.

Curd Rice :  Cooking time : 10mins  Level : Easy. Serves : 2


300gms cooked rice

250 gms yogurt (plain curd)

1 green chilli

Few curry leaves

salt to taste

For Tempering:

1 tbsp oil or ghee

1/2 tsp mustard seeds

1/2 tsp Urad dal

1/4 tsp chana Dal

a pinch of Hing(asafoetida)

1 or 2 Red chilli

The grains of rice coated with curd


Take the rice in a bowl . Whisk the yogurt and mix with the rice. You can mash up the rice and make it creamy but at home, my family like it a bit dry ,so I do not mash it . Add the chopped green chilli and the curry leaves. You can also add finely chopped coriander leaves and seasonal fruits and veggies like pomegranate and diced carrots.  Add salt. mix well and keep aside.

Prepare tempering.

Heat oil or ghee in a pan, add the hing, then add the dals and chilli to the oil and let it all splutter. Add curry leaves too. Pour over the rice and curd mix. Stir in the rice mix.  Serve with lemon pickle and papadam.

Easy and delicious.

Personal favourite is to sprinkle with "Podi Powder"

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