Brunch at 7 at Vivanta by Taj

Personally, I'm a little prejudiced towards buffets. I'm more of  an A la Carte person, too many choices befuddle me. So, I generally tend to stay away from elaborate buffet setups. But, I had to host a Bloggers Table and taste the new 'Brunch Menu' at the Vivanta by Taj, Guwahati. So, here we go!

The Alfresco seating with a Live Band

A Bloody Orange Sunday
Well, step into a happy zone and be prepared to be spoilt by the food, ambiance and a courteous and attentive staff. The spread is wide and varied. Chef Anirban along with his team have laid out a well curated menu, so wide that I lost count of the dishes. The decor stepped up, to create a zone for all - from the kid in you, to the adult in you and to the traveller in you. It was a ' Bloody Orange Sunday', happy hue of the colour spectrum, filling your senses. 

The Kiddie's Zone
Here is a piece of advice, skip the soup, go for the fresh juice or the milk shakes; bottles of happiness.

Try the Grill station and taste the Sea Food; the Lobsters are lovely, Salmon done to perfect pink and flaky, plump, juicy, flawless prawns, Octopus for the adventurous and Calamari and Squids to tingle your taste buds.

The Seafood Platter
Slid pass the chicken tikka, no grouse against it, but lets try something new and innovative, as some dishes vie your attention and beg to be tasted. 

The Thereka Pani Drink
The 'Thereka pani', a drink made with dried purple Mangosteen, used widely in the local cuisine as a souring agent, comes nattily dressed in test tubes. Have a shot, it cleanses your palate and readies your taste buds for more. The curative properties of this humble fruit is legendary. Chef, you never fail to surprise me by your courage to marry local produce with international fare and at the same time, perfecting it!

Cheese Platter
Vegetarian Grill Section
If you love pork, you can't miss the Pork with Citrus and Apple Sauce, the meat is marinated for 48hours in a citrus jus and then slow cooked until it falls off the bone.

The waffles and pancakes were delicious and divine.

There is the classic Kerala Appam and Ishtew. The Ishtu was remarkable, light and delicate. However, the Appam was a bit heavy and not not as lacy and soft I would have like them to be. That again, is my personal taste. Yet, we were seven of us and we all agreed that the Appam could go up a notch.

The Asian food was light, delightful and full of flavour. The dim sums delicate and the dips delectable.

The Tacos were lacking although the salsa itself was zingy, tangy and tasty, well balanced.

The Taco Station
There is a section called "Eat Raw", which includes pots filled with edible soil and root vegetable. It's a fascinating way of getting the kids curious and interested in healthy eating. 

Eat Raw Counter with Edible Soil
The mains had all the trappings again. But, I'm a Briyani Fiend, I sneaked in all the versions of the dish - The Grand Mutton Biryani, The Forever Favourite Chicken Biryani, The Novel Duck Biryani, The Bengal style Fish Biryani and a vegetarian version too. Each a winner, each a star, elegant grains of rice, fragrant with the exquiste spices and meat that was soft and succulent and the heady aroma of  ''Dum"!

Desserts are to die for, there is something to appease all. From flour free cakes for the gluten allergic, to decadent nut flans, light meringue kisses to macaroons and the sinful chocolate fountain. Be warned, you are in all likely hood to eat with your eyes, the stomach cries it can't take in any more!

"Candyland" Dessert Section with the Chocolate Fountain

Dessert Table for Kids
I could go on and on but what makes a place strike a chord is when there is such a perfect balance of good food and great staff, who pay you attention and are ready at hand to help. The place gets a tad noisy but brunches are meant to be so, both with kid and adult chatter, it makes the place more lively, boisterous and alive. The Alfreso seating is a joy. So enjoy while the weather is still your ally before the humidity in the air will make it impossible to sit out, in Assam summer.

With the incredible team behind the lavish spread
From Left to Right: Chef Subhom , Pastry Chef Amit and Executive Anirban
I like the wide variety of food presented, there is something for everyone- European, Indian, Pan Asian and Kid friendly dishes. No detail has been overlooked, the attention and the genteel grace palpable everywhere. The Brunch at Taj has hit all the right notes and an affable staff makes it irresistible.  Do head will love it.


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