Roghan Josh


This is an indulgent, rich and decadent dish. Slow cooked over low flame, there is nothing hurried about this traditional lamb curry belonging to one of India's most beautiful state Kashmir.Although born and raised and have spent all my days in the North East India but providence conspires that my path cross with other food lovers from all over the country and the world around! We bond over food and learn from each other, nothing is more gratifying than the ability to share meals.

As a young bride I moved into the Tea Estate and my husband's colleague happened to be Kashmiri Pandit gentlman, full of laughter and a great love for food. Along with his new bride, we cooked meals, shared stories and spent lazy evenings. Looking back, I realise that life really centered around food and more food!

My friend came from an illustrious political family of India and great foodies to boot. She carried with her a legacy of heirloom recipes and she would willing share with me. I was an eager and curious learner. I tasted the famed ' Roghan Josh' at her residence and many other delicacies such as Galavat Kabab. I was both intrigued and fascinated when I learnt that Roghan Josh did not use either onion or garlic in its preparation. Ginger playing the star spice here. Yet, the end result is brilliant and glorious. Tender meat in a scrumptious gravy, fragrant with all the spices, yogurt and nuts that enhance the light spiciness and subtle tangy flavour of ginger.

This dish requires a bit of patience but trust me its worth the effort.


1 kg of lamb ( cut into cubes)

1 cup yogurt

100 gms Khoya ( dried milk)

2inches of ginger

4/5 cloves

A pinch of asafoetida

1 tsp of kashmiri Mirch

1 tsp Soonth ( dry ginger powder)

1 stick cinnamon

1 tsp sugar

2 tsp Garam Masala

A pinch of saffron

25 gm of almond, soaked and skinned

1 tsp kewda water

250gm  ghee/ oil

2 cups water

salt to taste.


Heat oil in a heavy bottomed pan over low heat, add asafoetida , ground ginger, cloves, cinnamon, soonth and chilli powder. Fry for 3/4 mins and then add the meat.

 Simmer for 30 mins , stirring occasionally, making sure it does not burn. When a reddish sediment appear at the bottom, add a couple of tsp of water and stir again.

cook until the meat appears reddish brown in colour.

Now, increase the heat and add the water and sugar.  Cover and simmer until the water is reduced to half and the meat is almost tender. This will take about 20 /25 mins.

Uncover  and add the garam masala , saffron and kewda water. Cover and simmer for another 10 mins.

Grind khoya and almonds, mix with the yogurt, add to the meat . Mix well and stir along with the meat. Cook for another 10 mins, until the khoya turns brown.

Serve hot with rotis or pain rice. This is a rich, delicious meat curry.

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