Kamolar Kheer (Orange Kheer)

Winter heralds the end of term, impending holidays and the end of a year and the beginning of another, as a child I remember my parents in better mood, more smiles, a relaxed disposition, more talks of food, Dad taking a walk through the garden at home after office and me tagging behind. Mother would be in a more genial mood and her strict disposition somewhat relaxed. She would stir up impossibly scrumptious dishes at meal times. Cold on the outside made us all warmed our hearts, I guess, the hot summer months takes its toll turning us inward and makes us slightly impatient. After the long hot summer months with heat, humidity and the torrential rain, everyone loved the winters. The garden would be laid out, trimmed beds, flowers in various hues and eating out in the lawn were few of the many perks of winter bonanza.

And, Oranges those bright citrusy and juicy fruits; winters would not half as much fun without them. So, we would feast them fresh, turn them into salads, use the peels in cakes, dress them up in desserts - They would appear at breakfast as juice and continue in many avatars throughout the day. One such signature dish is ‘Komalar Kheer’ a delicate delicacy usually found in Assamese homes.

It never fails to amaze me how a few simple everyday ingredients turn into such magical marvel. Yes, it is sweet but not overtly because the orange balance out the flavours so perfectly. It’s rich but again the citrus from the orange reasons it out. A delight to the eyes the ivory of the thickened milk marries so delicately with the bright orange and, it is oh so easy to prepare!

1 litre full fat milk
1 tin condensed milk
3 / 4 nos of Oranges (pitted and the skin off the segments)
1 teaspoon of orange zest


In a heavy bottomed pan, bring the milk to boil and when it is boiling and bubbling, slowly add the condensed milk. Stir all the while, boil on high for about 5mins, lower flame and slow cook the mixture, occasionally stirring, make sure that it does not burn. For, if the milk burns the aroma and the flavour both will be ruined. So, keep a vigil and be watchful. In 10/15 mins , the milk will thicken and coat the back of a spoon, keep stirring vigorously at this stage, you want the milk a bit more thick like  creamy custard consistency.
Turn off heat, cool and then add the zest of orange and the pitted and skinned orange segments, saving a few to decorate. Fold gently. Transfer to a serving dish and chill.
I used a few organic rose petals to decorate along with the orange segments.

Don't forget to tell give me your feedback once you try it out!


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