White Chocolate Squares

Of late I have been using a lot of white chocolate. So, my kitchen shelf has a good stock of white chocolate. I have always been partial to dark chocolate, rich, smooth and that silky taste.  Chocolates means  indulgence for me maybe because as kids , while growing up, we only got chocolates as treats and to celebrate a special occasion. We didn't have an access to so many variety as well.  If anyone was travelling from abroad a bar of Toblerone made us feel decadent and rich! Cadbury and Amul, in its unappealing blue wrapper was the only choice we had. Cadbury still transports me back to my childhood. I still crave a small bar of chocolate in the afternoon. Now, I have a choice of fancy chocolate at home to choose from.

My tryst with white chocolate is  recent.  I bake custom cakes and work a lot with fondant, however fondant and humidity are not the best of friends...White chocolate has come to my rescue, for I can play with colours and it taste great as a frosting. Its  been a boon. Thats how, I have a collection of white chocolate.

The other day, a fellow blogger, Sangeeta Khanna, posted some beautiful pictures of white chocolate squares with sun dried fruits in it. Seeing those pictures and reading the post, I was completely hooked to the idea. I had to make them, patience has never been one of my virtues. I set out immediately to try it and test it upon my ever willing guinea pigs at home.


White chocolate...1 kg

Dried cranberries - 250gm ( you could all sort of dried fruits like strawberry, apples etc)

100gm - dried mint leaves, broken into large bits

100gm - fresh basil leaves cut into big bits


Melt the chocolate in a double broiler.

Take a  baking dish, a square one is advisable as you will be able to get neat squares later on, i used my 8'by 10 inch baking tin.

Lightly grease and keep aside.

Give the chocolate a stir or two, making sure that the chocolate is evenly melted, now add the cranberries and if you are adding other dried fruits, chop them into smaller bits, along with the mint and basil.
Mix well. Pour into the greased pan . let it cool completely , then with a sharp knife cut it neat squares. They look very pretty and  taste even better. There is lovely balance of flavour and the fruits add a beautiful texture.

I'm now all set to make a large batch to gift my daughter's school teachers on Teacher's Day . It is my way of expressing my gratitude for guiding her through her school life. This is her last year in school.  So, special and made will love will have to leave my home.

Hope, you will give this recipe a try. Its so simple and easy and will make a great gifting idea.

Do please let me know your feedback.


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